© Stephan Darm 

Lauenburg at the Elbe

Say Hello to the Caller

Narrow streets, cobblestone, small shops offering creative treasures, romantic art studios combined with the floating vessels on the Elbe – this is Lauenburg.

Take your time for romantic walks through the Old Town or make use of Lauenburg’s unique location as starting point for bicycle and boat tours. The popular Elbe trail leads directly through the Old Town.
A trip with the 100 years old heritage steamship „Kaiser Wilhelm“ will make you feel like living in another century. It is one of the last still working coal-fired paddle wheel steamers in Germany.
In the maritime museum „Elbeschiffahrtsmuseum“ you can see interesting functional steam engines that bring back history.
The caller „Rufer“ is shouting at you on the Elbe. Say Hello to this landmark of Lauenburg!




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