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Restaurants & Cafes

Geesthacht’s restaurants are eager to make your stay as flavoursome as possible. With an enormous variety they take care of your physical well-being with snacks, plain cooking or culinary pleasures. Through the year regional products are used to create delicious meals. If you visit Geesthacht in May don’t miss the special asparagus offers. In autumn the nordic curly kale dishes are very popular.

„Der Lauenburg’sche Teller“

Great tastes – small prices. The “Lauenburg’sche Teller” is the culinary event of the year. Restaurants all over the Duchy of Lauenburg compete in this cooking contest for the most fancy dish. High-level tastes combined with a creative variety of typical regional products are taken into focus.

All restaurants that take part in this event are listed here www.hlms.de



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