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Historical Excursion with a Longboat

A Tour with the "PIEP"

A tour with the historical longboat “Piep” is a nostalgic adventure. Geesthacht will show you its maritime side at the upper Elbe. The Piep is the ideal location for festivities of any kind. Take your guests by surprise with an invitation for a barbecue on the Piep or for your next company party.
Besides catering the tour with the „Piep“ is free of charge. Just a participation in the costs is welcome. The money will be spent only for the preservation and maintenance of the historical longboat.
The staff and helpers of the „Piep“ do their job honorarily.
The owner of the „Piep“ is Geesthacht itself. It is attended by the “Jugendaufbauwerk“ (youth working centre) and by the fundraising group Geesthacht.


Stadt-Barkasse "PIEP"
Anlegestelle am Hafen
21502 Geesthacht Adresse über Google Maps anzeigen

Telefon +49 173 600 81 22 (Uwe Matthies)
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Telefon +49 176 497 31 500 (Reinhard Schliemann)
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