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Nature Reserve "Besenhorster Sandberge"

Take a Walk through the Ice Age

In the western part of Geesthacht, near the locks channel, you will find the amazing nature reserve „Besenhorster Sandberge und Elbsandwiesen” with a size of 150 hectare. The most important characteristics of this area are the dunes which are placed more or less in the middle of the wood. They have been created through erosion by melting snow in the early post-glacial period (7000 before Chr.). While walking through this area you will also see parts of the dynamite factory, that was located here till the end of the Second World War. Meanwhile the nature has successfully recaptured this area.

For a circular track of about two hours please start in Geesthacht at the Heuweg 65. In a distance of 100 metres a tunnel will lead you safely to the other side of the main road B 404. Here the nature reserve has been signposted.

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