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Nostalgic Tour with the Steam Engine „Karoline“

Well Advanced in Years, but still on Tour

It is steaming and blowing, but thanks to an intensive maintenance the “Karoline” is still in good shape. Seven week-ends per year it takes its way from Geesthacht to Bergedorf and back. Partly it is steaming directly along the Elbe.
Each Saturday from 11 am to 16 pm the members of the working group “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geesthachter Eisenbahn e.V” carry out the necessary repairs in the engine shed behind the old train station. Honorarily they look after the maintenance of the historical vehicle. Visitors are invited to join the group and to have a talk on heritage railways.
 The up-dated time-table of the “Karoline” is available at the tourist information or here http://eisenbahn.geesthacht.de.

19.04.19 Sonderfahrt mit der Historischen Dampfeisenbahn "Karoline"
20.04.19 Osterfahrt mit der Historischen Dampfeisenbahn "Karoline"
08.06.19 Sonderfahrt mit der Historischen Dampfeisenbahn "Karoline"
09.06.19 Sonderfahrt mit der Historischen Dampfeisenbahn "Karoline"
06.07.19 Sonderfahrt mit der Historischen Dampfeisenbahn "Karoline"


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