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Technical Tour

Following the Footsteps of Technology by Bike

Discover the world of fascinating technology and a wonderful landscape by bike. There is a lot to learn about locks, icebreakers, the heritage railway or the dynamite factory of Alfred Nobel. Moreover, you will pass the GKSS Research Centre. Themed “Knowledge generates utility” future storm surges and the coastal habitat are being examined here carefully.

The “Technical Route” around Geesthacht is about 30 kilometres long. It is part of a longer tour going through the South of the Duchy of Lauenburg. The second part comprehends 40 kilometres and leads around Lauenburg.

You can download the brochure or get it for free in our tourist information office.

Technical Tour Geesthacht (PDF, 1 MB, 07.12.2023)

Technical Tour Lauenburg (PDF, 1.1 MB, 07.12.2023)


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