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Elbe-Trail "Elberadweg"

From Prague to the North Sea

The Elbe-Trail is one of the most popular long-haul cycleways in Germany. Between the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, and Cuxhaven at the North Sea in Germany many idyllic natural areas invite you to take a break. Geesthacht is the ideal stopover on the leg between Hamburg and Lauenburg. Thanks to its manageable sections the cycleway is also favoured quite a lot for day tours.

Have a try and circle the Elbe. How that works? Quite easily: From Geesthacht you follow the direction to Zollenspieker Fährhaus. Here you pass the river by ferry. On the other side cycle comfortably back.

Another exciting tour is from Geesthacht to Lauenburg. The way back leads along the dyke in the district Lower Saxony.

It is quite possible that you decide to stay longer. No problem. Geesthacht offers a lot of accommodation possibilities for every budget. Have nice dreams!

For more information on the Elbe-Trail click here: www.elberadweg.de.




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