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Nuclear Power Station


The nuclear power plant in Krümmel is also part of the energy world around Geesthacht. It is situated directly on the Elbe and has got a boiling-water reactor. With a capacity of 1.402 megawatts the plant generates 10 billion kilowatt hours electricity each year.
This power corresponds to 30 percent of the electricity that is generated in the Schleswig-Holstein region in total. Who wants to learn more about nuclear power and energy economics in general should take the chance and spend a visit to the information centre. From Monday to Friday between 9 am and 16 pm you can participate in discussion rounds and get answers to all what you ever wanted to know about nuclear power.

Kernkraftwerk Krümmel
Kontakt: Frau Petra Kunert
Elbuferstraße 82
21502 Geesthacht Adresse über Google Maps anzeigen

Telefon +49 4152 152850
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