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Energy Park Geesthacht

Water, Wind and Sun

In this unique energy park with its rich flora and fauna electricity has been produced using water, wind and the sun. The park is located about two kilometres in the south-east of Geesthacht.

With its mountain side of 80 metres in a distance of 500 metres only Geesthacht is the ideal place for the unique pump storage works in the northern part of Germany. Such power plants normally are located in low mountain ranges.

Using the renewable energy of sun and wind the Elbe-water is being pumped upwards. On the top it is collected in an artificial storage sea for the production of energy. The sea has a capacity that corresponds to the inner and outer Alster lake of Hamburg.
In case of necessity huge amounts of water run down the hill in 612 metre long pipes and generate additional electricity.

A wind-energy converter of 500 kilowatts as well as a solar power system of 60 kilowatts are also part of the energy park.

Information boards along the walking tour give interesting insights on the interaction of nature and technology. Groups are kindly invited to ask for a guided tour.

Vattenfall Europe Generation
Betrieb Spitzenlastkraftwerke
Pumpspeicher-Kraftwerk Geesthacht
Elbuferstraße 49
21502 Geesthacht

For more information please call Mrs Bergmann  +49 39456 560322.



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