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Old Cemetery Chapel

A Place of contemplation in Geesthacht

In the middle of the town, nearby the main road B5, the attentive visitor will find a peaceful and contemplative area. The popularly called “Old Cemetry” was laid out 1879 and 1888 the chapel was developed. This building is an aisle-less church consisting of raw brickwork with a gabled roof. The form reminds of gothic style with roman elements.

Since the Fifties no funerals have taken place here. 1996 the whole area was classified as a historical monument.

Due to its contemplative atmosphere the chapel has become a popular cultural meeting place with changing exhibitions. On 8th May 2000 it was officially opened by the town council. The first exhibition showed memorial stones of Geesthacht.

The chapel is not opened permanently. If the door is closed, please do not hesitate to ask for the key in the tourist information.


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