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Public Library

Crime Stories and Fairy Tales

Listening to exciting stories is not only for children a popular activity. The public library organises special readings for both adults and children. Different genres from crime stories to fairy tales are covered. From time to time well-known authors are invited for public readings. All arrangements are listed here:

01.05.23 Treppenhausgalerie: "Im Angesicht"
06.06.23 Lesefreu(n)de für Kinder - der Vorleseclub
08.06.23 Gaming-Nachmittag
08.06.23 Dialog in Deutsch
13.06.23 Spiele-Nachmittag
15.06.23 Dialog in Deutsch
20.06.23 Lesefreu(n)de für Kinder - der Vorleseclub
21.06.23 Lesung: Carmen Korn liest aus "Zwischen heute und morgen"

If by surprise you should be in need of reading material during your holiday, make use of the comprehensive offer of the public library. As well as for domestic inhabitants this service is free of charge for guests either. 

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