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The museum in the “Krügersches Haus“ is worth more than one visit.
You will learn amusing, electrifying and amazing aspects of the town and its area. Famous discoveries and its inventors have its origin in Geesthacht, as for example Alfred Nobel.

The house is an attraction itself. It is the oldest existing building of the town and it was built 1676 as a house with a rectangular hall. Since 1988 it has been used as a museum, Tourist Information and cultural meeting place.

Changing exhibitions and interactive stations are waiting for you. Not always it is as explosive as the dynamite discovered by Alfred Nobel but exciting in any case. Have a click for more information www.museum.geesthacht.de

10.09.18 Ausstellung im GeesthachtMuseum!
05.10.18 Ausstellung im GeesthachtMuseum! - Leben im Fluss
23.10.18 Fischartenatlas von Deutschland
09.11.18 Krimilesung im Krügerschen Haus
04.12.18 Heere und Kriege im Herzogtum Lauenburg



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