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Sankt Salvatoris Church


In year 1230 a church was mentioned the first time within Geesthacht’s history. However, the former church does no longer exist as it became a victim of the Elbe. Nowadays it would have its place directly in the river. As part of stones and inventory could be saved, the material was used 1685 to build the todays half-timbered church. During the years 1686 to 1691 the wooden bell tower was built and in 1841 the galleries were added.

Comprehensive renovations were done in 1898, 1956 and 1980. The bronze bells are dated from 1261 and 1959.
The pulpit altar, the pieces of stained-glass-fibres and the memorial slabs are dated from the 17th and 18th century.

Please call to make an appointment for a visit: Tel. +49 4152 2208.


St. Salvatoris-Kirche
(erbaut 1685)
Kirchenstieg 1
21502 Geesthacht Adresse über Google Maps anzeigen

Telefon +49 4152 2208 (Information)
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