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Enjoy Culture, Nature & Sports

No time for boredom

Many people love to spend their spare time outside. They enjoy the silence and are keen on discovering the secrets of earth. Have you ever felt like this? In the surrounding of Geesthacht your needs can be fulfilled. You will find interesting walking tours and bicycle tours. Be active or just relax. At all times one of the main attractions has been the Elbe. Shipping companies invite you for exciting or nostalgic excursions.

Cultural life also offers a lot of manifold activities. The theatre “Kleines Theater Schillerstraße” shows both amusing and demanding plays with well-known actors. Well selected cine films are part of the programme as well. In summer cultural life is being enriched by interesting exhibitions and special outdoor-events at the “Menzer-Werft-Platz” directly located at the Elbe.

The public pool, a high rope course and more activities are waiting for you. Don’t hesitate and enjoy yourself.




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